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Alamo Celiac Article- Dave and Busters, Austin, TX

August 13, 2007

A night of Gluten-Free Gaming

One of the things that my husband loves about me is that I like to play video games! While he was here on R&R we talked about going to Dave and Busters in Austin. “I am sure that the games are gluten-free, but what about the dinner???” My husband is easy going, so he said “Well, never mind then,” and as all wives know, that is code for “I am so bummed, I am going to go feel bad in my head, and try not to let you see that I am disappointed, but hopefully you will sense it in my voice, and change your mind.”

So I got online and checked out and looked for a gluten-free menu. I was excited to see that there are several “menus” including a low-carb menu, but no gluten-free menu. Well, I have learned that the manager is the person to ask. So I called the number on the screen and asked for the kitchen manager. When Jeff told me that he had a binder that listed the gluten-free options I must have sounded so happy that I scared him!!! (Because when we got there and were seated, and asked for him like he said to, he took a few minutes to get over to our table, and I imagined him telling the staff that “the crazy gluten-free lady” was here.) I was wrong with my assumption that he was avoiding me, that is one busy man! When he did come to talk to us, he was very friendly, and answered all of my questions with patience.

We started the meal with their Grilled Chicken Nachos and they were great! The chips are corn tortilla’s that are fried at the facility that makes them, not at the Dave and Busters location (reducing the chance for cross contamination during the frying process). They are topped with grilled chicken, cheese, black beans, on a bed of lettuce with sour cream and salsa. (They come with Jalapenos, but neither of us like those, so we didn’t get them, and I didn’t chance the salsa, since the managers list of things that were ok to eat did not include ANY dressings or condiments……). There were three dinner options. I am sure that people who are more daring would order something from the menu and just adjust it to be gluten-free, but I didn’t want to try it that night. The options included a cheeseburger without the bun (yuck, like we don’t eat those all the time!), a steak and potato (again, something I am so very tired of eating), and the Classic BBQ ribs and loaded mashed potatoes. I asked the manager if he was sure about the BBQ sauce, and he said that “it should be ok because it is on this menu” and at that point I was tired (from an hour drive to Austin), and hungry, and said “ok, fine, I will try that.”

I was really worried. I am sure you know what that’s like. I was just waiting to have to run to the bathroom. When the plate came I unrolled my fork and knife and started to poke around the ribs. To my surprise, the bones practically fell out of the meat! I don’t like to get messy when I eat (I know, I know, why did I even get ribs then, right? Because I am so sick of burgers with no bun and steak and potato!) The meat was so tender that I was able to eat it with a fork and it just slid right off of the bone. Yum!!! And I got the loaded potatoes without the cheese, bacon, or chives (so it was potato, sour cream, and there were little pieces of the skin in the potato mash) and it was really good too! I was very impressed, actually, with how easy it was!

My husband now asks me, when I pause while eating, if something is wrong, and if I am feeling sick. I smile because he knows my face and knows which look means “uh oh”. I stopped a few bites short of finishing every morsel on my plate and looked down. He said “is everything ok?” and I said “just full!” We played games for hours and won over a thousand tickets and left with smiles on our faces and happy bellies! It was a great night! So if you want to take the family out for food and games, and are worried about what you will eat (or family member will eat) then check out the Dave and Busters just off of Mopac! And ask for the manager, Jeff Kingsley.

Dave and Busters

9333 Research Blvd., Suite A600

Austin, TX 78759


$20.00 per person (average total)

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  1. tazdog permalink
    August 26, 2008 7:41 pm

    I had to chuckle with parts of this cause I feel the same way, lol..
    The burgers and the steak that was funny..

    So no sickness from there huh?

    I found your site while I was searching for places to eat in Austin as I’m heading down there this weekend..

    I hate eating out..!! lol
    Thanks for the write up and I will have to check out more of your blog!!!


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