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Chipotle- First timer!

August 14, 2007

We were looking at houses in Longmont, CO today, and needed food! So we decided to stop at the Chipotle on Main. I have heard rumors about great food at Chipotle, but never been before. I called a gluten-free-friend of mine and asked her what she normally gets at the location in Austin. She said that I could have everything except the flour tortilla and the super spicey salsa.

When I walked in I must have looked lost (and I was) because one of the workers came up to ask me if I had any questions. I explained that I had to eat “gluten free” and she knew exactly what I was talking about (!!!) and said that she would help me with my decision-making. I was so pleased with this helpful person!!

 I ended up getting the three-hard-tacos meal with the shredded beef, cheese, lettuce, mild salsa, sour cream, and it was YUMMY!! I will be going back A LOT!!


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