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Red Robin for Dinner tonight….

August 21, 2007

So I decided to brave Red Robin since I have heard that they have gluten free french fries. We went to the Broomfield Red Robin in the Flatiron Crossings shopping center/mall area. I asked the hostess if they “had an actual gluten free menu” and she said “yes!” and handed me a laminated sheet of paper.

1) She knew what I was talking about!!!!

Our server, Flo, also knew what I was talking about. I told her that I was gluten free and asked if she was familiar with that. She said yes, and said that she was going to ask the manager if there was a new gluten free menu. The sheet of paper that the hostess gave me was just a list of ingredients that were gluten free, including the condiments, meats, cheeses, and a disclaimer about the fries (to check each location for a dedicated fryer). I asked Flo about this and she got the manager right away.

2) The manager, Ryan, was right on top of things. He told me all about the fryers (this one did have a dedicated fryer, and he said that most did, especially for “allergies”). He also assured me that they take cross-contact seriously and keep a very clean kitchen. I was very glad to hear all of this, and promptly ordered my lettuce wrap burger with fries 🙂

3) Ryan also said that he has heard that they are expecting a NEW gluten free menu SOON with MORE gluten free MEALS and OPTIONS for Celiacs. He said he expected it to be out within 90 days.

 I had a great meal and I recommend the Red Robin if you live near one. Always talk to the manager and ask lots of questions!


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