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The Melting Pot- By Michelle :)

August 21, 2007

This post was written (and re-posted with permission) by Michelle. Thank-You Michelle!!

This evening I went to the Melting Pot Fondue restaurant in Littleton CO expecting a good meal but having to forgo the bread with the cheese fondue and the brownies and cakes with the deserts. Boy was I wrong.

My server informed me they had Deby’s gluten free bread with the cheese fondue (they use a gluten free flower and milk for the base) which was very good. I also ordered the mandarin orange and almond salad minus the wontons. They offered me several choices of gluten free dressing. We had a nice veggie and meat meal (make sure to ask which sauces for dipping are safe) and then came the desert. I ordered the chocolate fondue with marshmallow mixed in and asked them to hold the cheesecake, brownies, graham crackers etc. I expect to get the bananas, strawberries, pineapple and marshmallows. Imagine my surprise when the plate came out also including brownies and sponge cake that my server informed me were Deby’s gluten free products. At the end of the meal the manager came out to ask how I had enjoyed the products and let me know they were doing a trial for the nationwide chain. He indicated they knew how to keep cross contamination at bay by using fresh gloves, separate bowls etc. So if you live in the Denver metro area I recommend you go to the Littleton location and enjoy the meal while supporting the trial so hopefully they will go nationwide!

The Melting Pot
2707 W. Main Street 80210
Phone: (303) 794-5666 [Fax]: (303) 794-0429


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