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Gluten Free Summit Notes- Tips from Carol Fenster

August 22, 2007

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I got some great tips from Carol Fenster at the 2nd Annual Gluten Free Summit last weekend.

1) Brush Olive oil or butter on bread crust at the end of baking for a softer crust.

2) Carol uses Expandex in some of her breads and likes the way it works. If you haven’t heard about Expandex, it is a modified tapiocia starch that expands as you would expect gluten to in regular bread. (See bread pic above, see how the bread “bounces back” on each side of my thumb! Most gluten free breads do not do that….)

3) Carol Fenster’s Carrot Cake recipe was used to make a gluten free wedding cake at the Gluten Free Summit and it was AMAZING!!! Mary Schaefer, an amazing Baker from Disney World, showed us how to use fondant to ice the cake. It was soooo good!!! (See the white cake pic above. The orange cake is done by Watercress Bakery here in Colorado and was also REALLY good!)

4) Bread Pans- Use the grey loaf pan, NOT the silver, NOT the black, NOT the glass or corning-ware, or silicone. The only ones she likes are the grey, and not the shiny grey. She says the bread need the medium darkness of the metals to get the best browning, and needs the structure of the metal (instead of silicone) to “crawl” up the sides to rise correctly.

5) The bread is done at 205 degrees. Instert a thermometer into the center of the bread. Sometimes Gluten Free bread can look done when it is still mushy in the middle, so you can temp it to be sure!

6) When putting the dough in the loaf pan, use a spatula coated with Olive oil or butter to push the dough into the corners and smooth the top. Smoothing the top is very important, or the bread with look knarly and not rise correctly. This will also help with better, more even browning.

7) Dust the pan with rice flour before putting the dough in. An oil or spray will collect in the corners of the pan and it will not cook right.


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