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A little tip :)

August 26, 2007

Do you sometimes get your salad, only to find it topped with croutons?? Here is a little tip: before sending it back, place a sugar/sweetener packet under the lettuce. When you get your “new” salad, look for the “hidden” packet. If it is there, then you know you didn’t get a NEW salad, they just picked the croutons off!!

 Or, as one person I know does, just keep the crouton-topped salad at the table with you until they bring you the gluten free salad 🙂

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  1. Joey permalink
    December 6, 2008 8:56 pm

    I always like to keep my plate until they bring me a new one. They don’t need that salad back right then, all they are going to do is throw it away. They can bring me a new one.

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