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Boston- Legal Seafoods (Theater District) Park Place Location

September 20, 2007

I went with high hopes…. They had a gluten-free menu, and that was a great thing to see! But, while the menu offered exciting prospects, the actual meal was less than amazing.

The gluten free menu stated “Fried Calamari” could be done with special gluten free bread crumbs, and I was interested to see just how these would turn out. Well, they are only slightly breaded (i.e., imagine breading that doesn’t stick to the food, so it falls off in the oil, and is just kinda laying on the food when it gets to the table). Also, the tartar sauce for the “fried” calamari was icky, and tasted almost like straight pickle juice.

My real complaint is with the baked lobster. The gluten free menu touts “Baked Lobster made with Gluten Free croutons” and man, that sounded really good! I ordered the baked lobster, and the server came out shortly after and said “the chef said we can’t do the baked lobster because the ritz crackers have butter in them,” to which I replied “well, that doesn’t matter, because I can’t have the ritz crackers!” Well, much talking took place with the manager, and after being assured that they did have gluten free croutons, I got my baked lobster.

I’ll give you g 2 guesses what happened, but you will only need one. I got sick. Pretty sick actually. I called the manager the next day (which I normally don’t do, but this was a VERY expensive meal, and I was not about to get sick and have to PAY for it!). He said that he would investigate it and call me back. To his credit, he did, about 30 minutes later. He told me that the chef wasn’t sure WHAT he used, and chances are he used the ritz crackers. Well, I already knew that, because I was sick….

Fast forward 4 days and I get a call from the corporate office today. You see, they can’t offer a refund because (and this is my assumption, as she did not elaborate) refunding my money would be considered admission of liability in a lawsuit involving allergy/food illness. I was told that if I DID want a refund, that I would be sent forms to sign, and have notarized, and return them, and then I would be issued a check. Are you kidding?? So, instead, she offered me a gift certificate for their mail order catalog. Yum (sarcasm).

We’ll see when I get those, how much I get, and if I am able to use them in the end.

 So, did I have a good time? No. Would I suggest Legal Seafoods? No. Just my opinion….


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