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Boston- The Elephant Walk

September 20, 2007

I read about a place in Boston called The Elephant Walk and decided to give them a try while in Boston. I was very impressed! They have a special menu called “Celiac Menu” that is not small!


I started with the Nataing. The dish included “crackers” or “chips” made from “rice crispies” that were not sweet. The looked like triangle-shaped rice crispy treats, but were not sweet at all. And you dip them in a sauce that is like a marinara, a red sauce with ground pork. It was very unique, and very good.

 For my salad I had the Salade Cambodgiene. It was very good! The salad reminded me of a cole-slaw, with the rough cut veggies and light sauce. The peppers were a great flavor in there too!

For my dinner I had Kobe Beef Grille (ordered as the menu suggests for Gluten Free substitutions). The beef was really good! And the potatoes were a nice flavor in the red reduction that topped the steak. Personally, I do not enjoy mixed greens, and they garnished the plate.

For dessert I tried the  Le Peche au Chocolat. It was a small chocolate treat. Not all that impressive, but still a great treat at the end of a meal.

I think it was expensive, but a great meal, and a great experience. I think it was very good of them to have a totally separate “Celiac Menu” and that impressed me very much.

Here is a link to their menu.


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