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FYI- Tylenol GF products

November 21, 2007

Thanks for visiting our website.

In reference to your inquiry concerning the gluten content in our products, I have listed below the products which have been tested and do not contain detectable levels of gluten.

The following McNeil products have been tested and do not contain detectable levels of gluten:

Children’s TYLENOL(R) Meltaways Grape Punch
Children’s TYLENOL(R) Meltaways Bubblegum Burst
Children’s TYLENOL(R) Meltaways Wacky Watermelon
Children’s TYLENOL(R) Suspension Grape*
Children’s TYLENOL(R) Suspension Bubblegum*
Children’s TYLENOL(R) Suspension Cherry Blast
Children’s TYLENOL(R) Suspension Strawberry*
Children’s TYLENOL(R) Flavor Packets Bubblegum
Children’s TYLENOL(R) Flavor Packets Chocolate
Children’s TYLENOL(R) Flavor Packets Apple
Children’s TYLENOL(R) Flavor Packets Strawberry
Infant’s TYLENOL(R) Drops Cherry
Infant’s TYLENOL(R) Drops Grape
Jr. TYLENOL(R) Meltaways Grape Punch
Jr. TYLENOL(R) Meltaways Bubblegum Burst

Children’s TYLENOL(R) Cold Suspension Grape
Children’s TYLENOL(R) Plus Cold Chewable Tablets
Children’s TYLENOL(R) Plus Cold & Cough Chewable Tablets Cherry
Children’s TYLENOL(R) Plus Cold & Cough Suspension Cherry
Infant’s TYLENOL(R) Drops Plus Cold

TYLENOL(R) Allergy Sinus Caplets*
TYLENOL(R) Sinus Day Caplets
TYLENOL(R) Sinus Severe Congestion
TYLENOL(R) Cold Severe Congestion Caplets
TYLENOL(R) Severe Cold & Flu Liquid
TYLENOL(R) Cold Day Non Drowsy Caplet

Simply Stuffy™ Liquid
Simply Cough™ Liquid

Extra Strength TYLENOL(R) Geltabs
Extra Strength TYLENOL(R) Gelcaps*
Extra Strength TYLENOL(R) Tablets
Extra Strength TYLENOL(R) Caplets
Regular Strength TYLENOL(R) Tablets
TYLENOL(R) Arthritis Pain Relief Caplets
TYLENOL(R) 8 Hour Caplets
TYLENOL(R) 8 Hour Geltabs


Simply Sleep™ Caplets

Children’s Motrin(R) Suspension Grape
Children’s Motrin(R) Suspension Berry

Children’s Motrin(R) Suspension BubbleGum
Children’s Motrin(R) Suspension Dye-Free
Children’s Motrin(R) Chewables Grape
Children’s Motrin(R) Chewables Orange
Infant’s Motrin(R) Drops
Infant’s Motrin(R) Drops Dye-Free Children’s Motrin® Suspension Grape

Children’s Motrin(R) Cold Suspension Berry
Children’s Motrin(R) Cold Suspension Grape
Children’s Motrin(R) Cold Suspension Dye-Free

Motrin(R) IB Caplets
Motrin(R) IB Gelcaps
Motrin(R) IB Tablets

Motrin(R)  Cold & Sinus Caplets

Imodium(R) Advanced Chewable Tablets
Imodium(R) AD Caplets

St. Joseph(R) Enteric Coated Tablets
St. Joseph(R) Adult Chewable Tablets

*Children’s TYLENOL(R) Suspension (Grape Splash, Bubblegum Yum and Very Berry Strawberry), Extra Strength TYLENOL(R) Rapid Release Gels (replaces Extra Strength TYLENOL(R) Gelcaps), and TYLENOL(R) Allergy Complete Caplets (replaces TYLENOL(R) Allergy Sinus Caplets) have not yet been tested. These products have been reformulated to improve the flavor or release of medication. We would not expect to find gluten in the new ingredient components necessary to reformulate these products.

The following Johnson & Johnson/Merck Consumer Pharmaceuticals products have been tested and do not contain detectable levels of gluten:

Children’s Mylanta(R) Tablets Bubblegum
Regular Strength Mylanta(R) Liquid Original Flavor
Maximum Strength Mylanta(R) Liquid Original Flavor
Mylanta(R) Ultra Tablets Cool Mint

Infant’s Mylicon(R) Drops Non-Staining

Maximum Strength Mylanta(R) Gas Mint Tablets

Pepcid(R) AC 10 mg Tablets
Pepcid(R) Complete Chewable Mint Tablets

Glutens are naturally-occurring proteins found in grains such as wheat, rye, barley, and oats, but are not found in corn.  The primary source of starch in our formulations is corn.  Relatively small amounts of other materials used in our formulations may contain starch from other sources ( e.g. potato, rice). 

We are not aware of published reports associating the use of our products with a worsening of symptoms in patients with celiac disease. 

We hope this information is helpful.

Tracey Ely
TYLENOL Consumer Relationship Center

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