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Product/ Restaurant Reviews

December 23, 2007

Here are my latest product and restaurant reviews!

Have I reviewed GF Pastry Chef yet? If not, then I am so sorry!! Because you have been missing out on some great food! I was first introduced to Melissa at GF Pastry Chef at a local Boulder-Longmont Celiac Group event ( I was told about her amazing gluten-free hamburger buns, so I ordered some. Man, they are really good! My next order included english muffins and pizza dough (pre-rolled and par-baked). And my most recent order included bread cubes for stuffing, and some really amazing looking eclares! I am telling you, this is one amazing lady! Check her page out at  and keep her in mind for (really amazing) gluten free cupcakes, cakes, desserts, and the best pizza crust I have ever found!

My next review is of Zolo Grill in Boulder, CO. I heard amazing things about their gluten-free menu, so my husband and I went there for dinner last night (after seeing National Treasure Two, great movie!) I was less than impressed with the service 😦 but was pretty please with the large selection of gluten-free dishes! Now, I was told that this was a mexican place, so I expected mexican food. But this isn’t exactly mexican food…it is more like gour-mex. I had the lobster stacked quesadillas for the app, and the chicken enchiladas for my dinner. The lobster stack was really good! The chicken enchilladas were ok…they tasted almost like Bar-B-Q to me, like a sweet sauce, instead of a mexican flavor. And they were a bit spicey for me. But, I was still please to be able to order a soft corn tortilla meal, which is often hard to find. So, my over all impression was good, but I doubt that this will be a favorite place of mine….

While grocery shopping today I saw Smart Cookies at Whole Foods. I picked up the peanutbutter and chocolate chip flavor and ate one in the car on the way home. It was really good! The only thing I didn’t like was that the cookie fell apart, like so many gluten-free foods. But the flavor was really great. They are called Smart Cookies, and came only 3 to a small, clear plastic container. They are gluten-free.

Fudge Recipe– A friend was visiting recently, and gave me the best fudge recipe! Naturally, it is gluten-free! 🙂 It consists of simply a bag of semi-sweet chips, a can of sweetened condenced milk, and a tbs of vanilla extract, microwave for 1 minute, pour, and set in the fridge for 3 hours! How easy is that? I make it “Rachel Ray”-style, with a round pan, and the can of s-c-milk wrapped in plastic wrap and placed in the center, and you get a wreath shape! Top with crushed walnuts, and it is the perfect addition to the office Christmas potluck, or gift for the mail (wo)man. I have added peanuts to some, marshmellows, and even did 1/2 Recees PeanutButter chips (bottom) and 1/2 Chocolate (top) for a nice peanutbutter and chocolate fudge!! YUM!

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  1. April 7, 2008 6:46 pm

    I have three words when it comes to baking GF… Pamela’s Baking mix!!! I love to cook and I love to bake even more… However, I do not enjoy coming up with the wild recipes required for GF baking. Thank you Pamela. I buy all of her baking mixes and can alter them as I so desire. For instance her scone recipe on the back of her large bag of her Pancake & baking mix… I add whatever I want. Sometimes I use honey and yogurt in place of the sugar. Try adding finely chopped fresh rosemary and the zest of an entire lemon to the recipe. My husband is not a celiac and yet we don’t even buy regular flour for him anymore because he prefers Pamela’s. Her chocolate cake mix is divine!!! I am definitely going to try out My sister is also a celiac and lives in Denver so I’m going to pass along your site to her. Kelly

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