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I’m a fat girl…..

February 26, 2008

I didn’t realize how weird it is to diet while gluten-free! I was explaining to someone that I was cutting out sugar, and they offered me a snack, and I said “no thanks” and I had to explain that I was ALSO gluten-free. They just looked at me like I was, well, a freak!

I have long thought that “wheat is in everything” but now I am finding that sugar is too!! Damn….I really like sugar too…..

For my “I quit this crap” party at my former job, one of the doc’s brought yummies from Whole Foods Bakehouse. Their Chocolate Chip cookies are just the best, really, ever. I mean, including gluten, they are really really great. And I don’t like nuts much, but they put nuts in these cookies, and they are just the BEST! I am going to miss those!

And I had my own celebration with cupcakes from Sweet Escape Pastries, . Yum. Chocolate with white buttercream frosting…..They are in Longmont, and they make the BEST hamburger buns, cakes (like the Blackbeast, which is kinda like the Flourless Chocolate Dome at PF Changs….), and more. I am going to miss so many great foods!

Oh, and while I was at “that job” I would buy Ener-G Hamburger buns on the fly at Vitamin Cottage off of Main in Longmont, and take them with me to have with a McDonalds burger. They are not bad (but really, their bread sucks, there are so many better bread choices…..). I really like Ener-G’s Hotdog buns, Hamburger Buns, and Wheat-free (gluten-free) Crackers. Everything else is CRAP.

We got a dog, and I am putting him on a gluten-free diet (can’t hurt, right?). I got him Canidae brand dog food from Blue Hills in Longmont, and it is gluten-free.

 OH!! And the new Beau Jo’s is open in Boulder! Much closer to me than the one in Arvada. They have the BEST gluten-free pizza! I can’t wait to go….(before I start my diet).


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