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Review; The Essential Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide by Triumph Dining

March 28, 2008


I have had several emails asking where I find places to go out to eat. I really like using The Essential Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide by Triumph Dining. I have been using their laminated-like dining cards since I was diagnosed, and those are really great (I will have to post about my dinner at Red Lobster in Alabama….).

Anyway, the book is pretty amazing, with only a few exceptions. For example, in Colorado, there is a section for Denver and Boulder, and another “all other cities” section, and sometimes the large chains (like Chili’s or Outback) don’t have all of the locations listed. Obviously, you can’t list every chain location when a chain offers a gluten free menu, but that just means that we need to be looking through the book (like in the back where there is a section about chains) instead of jumping right to one spot where we think we will find it.

I posted after one of my trips about the travel book The Next Exit ( and how much I love this book because it tells you the major interstates and highways, and the exit numbers, and what is at each exit (to eat, to sleep, gas, walmart, auto stores, etc). That book goes with us everywhere we drive. Now, The Essential Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide will be come with us also!


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