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So sad, I eat so little these days….

May 8, 2008

Sorry I haven’t had much to post. I am dieting, and my food fun has come to a temporary halt. I have already lost 20 pounds, which is wonderful. But surfing the pages of my GF blogger friends is very depressing! I want pancakes and cinnamon rolls and cookies too! But I am on a sugar-free diet. Ug….

I am eating lots of eggs, with ham and cheese and salsa. And steaks, and green beans, and chicken, and peanuts, bla bla bla. I loooong for a gluten-free pizza! My goal is 100 pounds, but my best friend will be in town in June, so I will go off the diet then, and have some great meals with her, like Maggiano’s. So, if I can lose another 20 before she gets here, I will be really happy 🙂 So cross your fingers for me!


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