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Gluten-Free at Calfornia Pizza Kitchen

July 17, 2008

Can you tell that I start eating and THEN realize that I need a pic for the blog?

I was at the mall (Flatirons in Broomfield) and feeling hungry. I popped into CPK and said “do you have a gluten-free menu” fully expecting them to go “huh?” But the nice hostess handed me an allergen list. There are only 3 or 4 things listed that are gluten-free, but it is better than nothing. I had the grilled veggie salad with plain grilled chicken. None of the salad dressings are GF (according to that sheet) so I asked for the oil and vin caddie, but the chicken was so juicy that I didn’t need it! It was YUMMY!

Here is was another group found (and the same info that was on the sheet they gave me);

Field Greens, Salad, no dressing (just olive oil)
Grilled Vegetable Salad (just olive oil)
House Salad, no croutons, no dressing (just olive oil)
Chicken (Plain no marinade)
Steamed Vegetables


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