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Sick as a DOG!

August 23, 2008

I decided to give a local place a chance, even though I have heard bad things about cross contamination. I got 2 pizzas from Luc’s Pizza in Longmont and it was REALLY BAD! I have been sick all night, and on top of the normal “glutening” symptoms, I am SO thirsty! Now I can say for myself that I ate there, and it wasn’t worth it!

The pizza crust was bad. It was like one if those frozen pizzas (that you used to eat, with gluten) that was microwaved too long. It was hard, but not a good “crispy” kind of hard….more like a soft cardboard kind of hard. The cheese, sauce, and seasonings were good, but it didn’t make up for the crust. I was really dissapointed. If you enjoy the GF pizza at Luc’s, I think you are really desperate for pizza, which I am not (and if I am, Beau Jos, and made at home pizza is better).

I was also dissapointed that they close at 8:00 every night. I went by Thursday at 7:55 (not realizing that they closed at 8:00) and the owner handed me a menu that said they were open until 9:00 on Fridays. When I went in on Friday, they actually closed at 8:00!  Every night….

And, I was over charged for my pizza 😦 I called and left a message explaining that when I got home I realized that I was over charged by more that $5.00. Oh well, they can consider it a tip, since I will NEVER be going back.

**I just got a return phone call from Marie there, and man, it was a doozie! She was defensive right off the bat! Very rude and abrasive with me. I didn’t say anything about getting sick, just asked about the total price. She said that the 1/2 veggie pizza is still the full veggie pizza price (?) and said that “you want to blame me for your budget”!! What?? How rude! I tried to explain to her that I was just going by the BLACK AND WHITE printing on the menu, and she replied “well, I cant’t put everything on the menu”…..uh, you can put an important note like “no 1/2 pizza discounts” or something. Wow….I am really blown away by this lack of care or customer service. Doesn’t matter to ME, because I was up until 4 am sick, so I really won’t be going back. (I even apologized to HER at the end of the phone call “incase I sounded mad, I was just confused about the price and what I was charged for” and she said “well, that is not my problem, you should have asked when you ordered and let us know if you couldn’t afford it”……….wow…….so missing the point here.

  1. Emily permalink
    August 23, 2008 9:54 am

    Luc’s sucks. I have gotten sick there too. And they are rude. I tell people to never go there, especially if they are gluten free, cause their crust is nasty.

  2. August 24, 2008 8:27 am

    Ah. They won’t be around much longer I guess, with CS like that. I hope you feel better.


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