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Product Review: Pamela’s Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

December 20, 2008

I am not a big fan of the “regular sized” Pamela’s cookies, as they seem to be really dry. I am also pretty conservative with my cookie flavor choices. But when Pamela’s sent samples of their mini cookies to the Boulder County Celiacs’ Summer Picnic I got to try the mini chocolate chip flavor, and they are good! Really good actually! And I have since  been buying this orange bags of cookies by the bunch! I am addicted! Good thing I am not dieting right now!

They are not too dry, with a great, sweet flavor, and a good crunch (which I like in a mini cookie). I think they are good with a glass of milk, because they break apart nicely, so you need the milk to “wash” the cookie bits from around your teeth 🙂 These are really a great snack, or dessert!photo1-3


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