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The Rib House, Prospect (Longmont) CO

January 3, 2009

I was really excited to try this BBQ place, since I LOVE BBQ!! I read that they had gluten free hamburger buns (supplied by Sweet Escape Pastries). I was dissapointed that the server/cashier had no idea which menu items were safe, so I had to navigate the menu and ask 20 questions about the spices, sauces, and sides. To my great pleasure the BBQ sauces are bottled and clearly labled “gluten free”!

I stuck with the only side dish that I was sure was safe, the mashed potatoes (she told me the ingredients were simply potatoes, salt, pepper, and butter).

The food was GREAT, but I got some minor stomach issues a couple of hours later. I discussed it with a fellow Celiac and decided the toasted bun was probably the vehicle for some cross contact (cross contamination). I checked, and the bun was not meant to be toasted. I haven’t been back, but whenever I do go back I will be sure to remind them not to toast the bun!!


  1. anonymous permalink
    January 6, 2009 4:13 pm

    they don’t toast their buns and none of their sides have any gluten in them.
    they also ensure that there is no cross contamination with the regular buns.

    unfortunately, they are no longer serving the gluten free buns now.

  2. January 6, 2009 5:13 pm

    Well, they DID toast my gluten-free bun, I guess that was a mistake on some rouge employee’s part. I know those things happen, and the sad thing is that, if you are correct, they are not fixing the problem, they are just avoiding the problem by no longer servingthe GF buns. That is a loss for the gluten-free community.

    The employee that I spoke with (and ordered with) told me the only safe side was the masked potatoes.

    Even though it limits my choices, I would listen to an employee tell me NOT eat something before I would listen to an “anonymous” poster tell me that all of their sides are safe.

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