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Gluten free at the Rio in Boulder

March 6, 2009

The Rio is famous for their margaritas. I finally made a trip to try them this week, and discovered they also have a gluten free menu! I didn’t know that! I enjoyed a strawberry margarita, chips and chile con queso, and the taco pollo with rice and black beans. The queso was really good. The taco was a tad bland, but I mixed the rice and beans with each bite and it was ok.

The bar was packed, so we wanted to sit at a table, but you have to order food. I was really surprised when I asked if they had a GF menu and the hostess handed me one. I haven’t had queso in so long, since it seems like most places use flour to thicken or spices that are not GF. I know I will be going back if only for the margartias and chips and queso!


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