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Gluten-Free in Las Vegas

May 31, 2009


We went to Las Vegas (for a wedding) and I was much more adventurous eating out than I was during our 2006 trip. I hear that a lot of people go to Vegas for the great food, so I decided to venture away from the “safe” options (PF Changs, Maggianos, Outback Steakhouse) and try a few new places.

We had lunch at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant one day, and it was FANCASTIC! They had bread, some kind of salmon crepe, and some other kind of appetizer that I couldn’t eat, but that was ok. I had a delicious caesar salad to start, and fantastic steak for the main dish. The sides were also great; a potato stack and fresh asparagus. Whatever the sauce was with the steak was just amazing. I spoke with the waiter extensively, who checked on every ingredient (and every course they brought for the rest of the table). I wasn’t able to speak with the chef because they were so busy, but I did call ahead and make sure they could work with a gluten-free guest. I didn’t have room for dessert, but they did bring around these small dark chocolate pieces with powdered sugar which were just the perfect touch of sweet after the meal. I would highly recommend this restaurant for the gluten-free traveler that wants to try something new! (Side Note: We spent $150.00, paying for lunch for all four of us, so be prepared).

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We also went to the Top Of The World restaurant for dinner (at the top of the Stratosphere Casino and Hotel). This is the restaurant that slowly spins so you see a 360 degree view of the city. We went at sunset (6:15 reservation) and it was an amazing view! I had a harder time with dinner here, simply because the menu wasn’t easy to start with (looking for something “safe”) and my waiter kept saying “I am sure that is gluten-free” in a tone that left me thinking that he wasn’t sure at all. I asked to speak with the chef, but he was busy. I then asked to speak with a manager, and that is when I met Robert Deones. He is one of the assistant managers, and he was a huge help in going back and forth with the chef. In the end I had the “surf and turf” lobster and steak (the lobster was normally “stuffed” but they made one without the stuffing for me). I had the mashed potatoes as a side (a HUGE side!). It was a great meal in the end, with a beautiful setting. I would suggest calling ahead (during off-peak times) and asking about gluten-free options. I did tell them that I was gluten-free when I made the reservation, but I didn’t realize that ordering would be a challenge. If you can navigate the menu and some (but not all!) questionable servers, you are in for a great meal, and a breath-taking view of the city. (Side note: This place is expensive. Prepare to spend $200.00 for two people).



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 We stopped for a late night snack the last night at Il Fornaio in the New York New York Casino (where we stayed while in Vegas). This is a classic Italian restaurant, with pasta and pizza. I got the fresh mozzarella (a simple, safe choice). It was very good!



Another good restaurant in the New York New York is Gallagher’s Steakhouse. We had dinner there the first night. I was very impressed with the server, who ran to the kitchen to check on every detail of my order. For some reason the mashed potatoes were not gluten-free, which I thought was weird, but better safe than sorry, right? I didn’t take a picture of my meal (too busy catching up with my friend who was getting married!), but I do remember that I had a great caesar salad, fillet, and baked potato. It was a great meal!

Oh, and for breakfast, we would get room service with eggs, fruit, and I also took Kinnikinnick doughnuts with me (oh my gosh, these were sooooo good!!!). I wish I could find these at a local store….then again, it is probably a good thing that I can’t….


We had a wonderful time, and I am so glad that I tried new places! Just a few tips! I ALWAYS called first and asked if they could serve someone who was gluten-free. I always told my waiter, and asked to speak with the chef (if possible). I asked a lot of questions, and if in doubt, just got something simple (ie. baked potato).

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    Very cool. Sounds like a great time with great food!

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